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Episode reviews: The President Wore Pearls

All the submitted reviews for The President Wore Pearls (EABF20). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.97.

Episodes revolving around Lisa nearly always have me laughing hysterically. Even in recent Seasons, Lisa episodes have been a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull afternoon. Lisa the Tree Hugger, Bye Bye Nerdie, Little Girl in the Big Ten... all great episodes. And this one was no exception.

The parody of Evita was executed very well, and the episode had many funny moments. Surprisingly, most of these came from Lisa herself - very often Lisa episodes just serve as a gateway to Homer/Marge/Bart humour. Nelson was great as always, and I also loved the opening scene (the Casino Night). It was just the right length - not too long, not too short - and led nicely into the main story.

The only thing this episode lacked was a decent ending. Although it was a nice resolution, I disliked the rushing of it. But apart from that, another good episode.

I think this episode was a bit poor because it was full of crap songs (I hate those kinds of songs). The story line was still ok but I would have liked the episode more if there was none of those songs.

I love this episode. Willy is my one of my favorite characthers and he is hilarious in this episode. I love all the songs to.

just another great episode


i really liked this episode. I luved the songs and i loved how Lisa actually stand out in this episode, (because lisa is kinda my favorite character)

Best Lisa episode ever!