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Episode reviews: Strong Arms Of The Ma

All the submitted reviews for Strong Arms Of The Ma (EABF04). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.54.

Well, this was a strange episode. It wasn't unfunny, but it seemed like one of those "we're running out of storylines" from the writers. In essence, it had the same plot as King of the Hill, where Homer works out. But this time it's Marge, and it leads to steroid abuse.

The opening scenes were really good. Nice to see a return of the Eye On Springfield credits. There was some great stuff going on at the sale as well. I liked the Tetris parody, and then Homer realizing that he wouldn't be able to fit in the car, so having to be carried home by McBain (who we never see in movies anymore).

Well, we soon get into the main storyline. Marge is mugged and develops agoraphobia, so she moves into the basement. She starts using the weights which Homer bought at the sale earlier, so she can get even with her attacker. Pretty much every thing that went on in the basement was good, however, I think the fight scene with her attacker went on for way too long.

From here to the end, the episode is pretty average - there were no great laughs, but it was okay. I think it was because it was an episode revolving around Marge, and the ending was all about Marge. Marge isn't generally a funny character, she's best when she has a smaller role, or when she does strange things. For example, one episode she really had a thing for potatoes. Overall, though, this was a solid episode, with enough laughs to keep me happy.

This episode was great but i have to give it a four because marge scared me...