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Episode reviews: Papa's Got a Brand New Badge

All the submitted reviews for Papa's Got a Brand New Badge (DABF17). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.08.

Haven't we already had a clip show this year? I couldn't help but feel that this episode was just a compilation of several storylines from past episodes. Think about it:
- Unseasonable heat wave (Bart of Darkness, Lisa's Sax)
- Blackout in Springfield (Last Exit To Springfield)
- Wiggum is unable to stop crime and a new chief of police is brought in (Homer Vs. The 18th Amendment)
- Homer has yet another job (previous jobs listed in the episode)
- Member of Simpson family is police officer (The Sringfield Connection)
- Showdown with the mafia (The Twisted World of Marge Simpson)
- Maggie being violent (Itchy & Scratcy & Marge, Who Shot Mr. Burns?)

However, despite all of this, the episode was extremely good! The story progressed well, Homer actually seemed to have feelings and he was trying to do good things, and the ending was good, although a little unexpected.

Probably my favorite part of this episode was when the mob were driving through the town, to the Soprano's theme - we really get to see Springfield in all it's glory!

The episode was amazingly funny and this has to be one of my favorite Season finale's ever!

good episode lots of funny jokes. i loved the the part where marge is trying to pick fat tony a new job and she says pizza man twice