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Episode reviews: Gump Roast

All the submitted reviews for Gump Roast (DABF12). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.72.

For a clip show, this wasn't half bad! It was presented as a legitimate storyline, rather than the usual "this is our new clip show" from the writers, which has happened way too often (e.g. Another Simpsons Clip Show and All Singing, All Dancing).

However, the main part of the clip show, when Homer was being roasted, seemed to lean towards this style. I much preferred the opening. The Forrest Gump parody was great, I especially liked the feather in the eye - twice. Moe was funny as well.

The clips in this section were much more subtle, a lot like the first clip show. The episode actually progressed as a story, rather than clip after clip after clip.

This was a decent episode.
Could have been way better