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Episode reviews: The Parent Rap

All the submitted reviews for The Parent Rap (CABF22). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.77.

This was a funny episode. The tethering provided several opportunities for gags, and these were exploited.

The episode starts off well. Wiggum's moments in this section were good, such as the donut eating. Then we get to the courtroom scene. I thought this was a bit feeble, especially the self reference to their "court days".

However, after Homer & Bart have been tethered together, the episode picks up. Great moments were: Homer & Bart rushing to the kitchen, knocking Lisa over; Bart standing outside Moe's while Homer has a beer; and best of all, the fight in the bedroom. Homer & Bart making the other person slap themselves creased me up!

The ending does tail off a bit. There were some funny moments, such as Homer's line "So... it cost you nothing," when the judge tells them that the quilt they ruined was made by her grandmother. And in hindsight, this episode meant that the judge keeps coming back in new episodes for no real reason.

This episode is the best in the 'Mike Scully' era and the only 'Mike Scully' era episode that is in my Top 10. I LOVED it!

Goood Episooode!