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Episode reviews: Children of a Lesser Clod

All the submitted reviews for Children of a Lesser Clod (CABF16). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.78.

This episode has to be one of my favorites of Season 12. For once, Homer is being nice to people... well, children anyway. The episode starts off well with the sport evening thingy.

Then Homer breaks his leg and has to go to hospital. Everything here was funny, especially the comment by Homer: "So I've got to just sit on my ass and watch TV? That's not my style, man!" The bear appearing was a great gag as well.

Next, we get into the story. This was funny as well. The best in this section was probably the snack table for the television program. The ending was also great - nice to see Arnie Pie returning, and he was funny, too.

The episode as a whole was great, there were so many funny moments!

This one was fairly good.

I dont remember this episode too well so im giving it a three...

Very good episode!Lugash was funy and Arnie Pie was good,too.

Homer's line "My life will would be nothing without hte nucleon plant" was great.