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Episode reviews: Some Enchanted Evening

All the submitted reviews for Some Enchanted Evening (7G01). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.29.

A little 'meh'. This episode is OK but it's not up to scracth.

what more can i say great episode well for the the first made anyway the animation is a bit crude but oh well who cares, not me Penny Marshal done a great job so did June Foray and he flower shop man


The first of (more than a couple but less than a dozen) where the baby sitters caused quite a bit of trouble for at least one of the simpson members

a gr8 finale

Yet another great story from the season one.
This episode had two stories.Good to see Homer do something romantic for Marge.Almost scared watching Bart and Lisa get caught by miss botz,but then
cute little maggie came and saved the day for Lisa and Bart.