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Worst Episode Ever

Worst Episode Ever

Rating: 4.1 (103 votes)


After Comic Book Guy suffers a near-fatal heart attack, Bart and Milhouse take over running the Android's Dungeon, while Homer tries to help Comic Book Guy to be friendly & outgoing.

Memorable quotes

Lisa: Eww! How long has this baking soda been in here?
Marge: I don't know, it came with the house.

Bart: Milhouse my friend, you and I are going on a spending spree.
Milhouse: My doctor says I'm not supposed to go on sprees.
Bart: How about jags?
Milhouse: Jags are fine.

Milhouse: My Mom doesn't believe in fabric softener - but she's not around!

Comic Book Guy: Breath... short! Left arm... numb! Can't go on... describing symptoms... much... longer!

Dr. Hibbert: You've had what we call a cardiac episode.
Comic Book Guy: Worst. Episode. Ever.

Dr. Hibbert: If these boys hadn't called 911, I'd be wearing that watch right now. (chuckling) I'm just kidding. But you would be dead.

Milhouse: We'll run the store for you.
Comic Book Guy: Two ten-year-olds running my store? What is this, Bizarro-World?
Dr. Hibbert: Calm down! Don't make me put a dog heart in there!

Milhouse: Okay, here's Comic Book Guy's instructions: A carton of malted-milk balls, one box confectioners' sugar, a can of chocolate frosting...
Bart: That's just his shopping list.
Milhouse: No, it's his instructions.

Moe: Lemme buy ya a drink.
Comic Book Guy: Very well. I will have a cranberry schnapps. (He points to bottles on the shelf)
Moe: Uh, these, they're just painted on there.

Bart: Look, you're getting cranky. You haven't had your juice.
Milhouse: Well my straw broke off in the carton, and-- that's not the point! We're supposed to be partners, and you're pushing me around like a play-school corn-popper!
Bart: (sniggering) It's a vacuum cleaner, Milhouse.
Milhouse: Whatever! I demand respect! I have feelings! I'm a human boy, just like you!
Bart: Shh! Use your indoor voice.

Milhouse: He's even got the tape of Kent Brockman picking his nose. (He puts the tape in) Look! He's picking his nose!!

Ned: (on police tape) My neighbor Homer released a radioactive ape in my house. It's take over the whole top floor!
Bart: It wasn't Dad's fault, the ape tricked him.

Wiggum: Well, well, well! This place has got more pirated tapes than a...
Lou: A Chinese K-Mart?
Wiggum: Well, that'll have to do. Are these yours, son?
Milhouse: No sir. We're just exhibiting them for profit.

Wiggum: Fair enough. But the owner is in more hot water than...
Lou: A Japanese tea bag?
Wiggum: Why don't you lay off the Asians, Lou?

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  • According to this episode, Homer was eating a meatball sandwich at the time of the moon landing, but in 9F03 "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie," he was listening to his peronsal stereo.
  • Milhouse wears My Little Pony underwear.
  • Sideshow Bob, Nelson Muntz, and Matt Groening are also banned for life from the Android's Dungeon.
  • When CBG pours soda onto the Radioactive Man #1000 comics, the drops fly off onto a comic titled "Bongo" - the publisher of Simpsons Comics.
  • Lisa reads "The Daily Set-Up" newspaper.
  • Biclops, the new superhero, looks a lot like Milhouse.
  • Comic Book Guy's record was very warped.
  • A silhouette of Skinner (from 4F23) hangs on the wall.

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  • This episode plot is similar to an episode of "Hey, Arnold!" where the kids take over a store when the owner becomes ill, and end up fighting over it.
  • The Death of Sad Sack comic cover parodies Crisis on Infinite Earths, the seventh issue of which chronicles the death of Supergirl.
  • During Homer's antacid trip, his recollections include: Johnny Cochran's speech from the O.J. Simpson trial, Richard Nixon's resignation, and Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon.
  • The "lesser comic" has a picture of Bongo the rabbit from Matt Groening's Life In Hell comics.
  • Tom Savini's stomach explodes after eating too much, like in the Monty Python movie, "The Meaning of Life".
  • "The Addams Family" - the moving hand.
  • The music in this episode is "Puppy Love" by Paul Anka and "Baby I'm-A Want You" by Bread.
  • CBG gets two cones stuck to his chest, referencing the cone-shaped bra that Madonna. once wore.

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