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When Flanders Failed

When Flanders Failed

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Ned Flanders one day decides to open a store in the Springfield Mall called the Leftorium, catering for lefties. Homer, however, hopes that the business will fail. Homer's wish soon comes true for Flanders however, as no-one visits his store. Meanwhile, Bart enrolls himself in karate but doesn't like it, so every time he is dropped off he sneaks off to the arcade. However, he soon regrets it when Lisa asks Bart to defend her from some bullies. Ned soon goes broke, and is forced to sell everything he owns in collateral, Homer soon feels guily about wishing him to fail, and calls up all of Springfield to go to Flanders' store. Soon business is booming and the customers join hands and sing "Put On A Happy Face."

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  • The names of producers Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky appear on the draft list for the Canadian Footbal League.
  • Ned uses The Simpsons logo on the family's barbeque invitation.
  • After Homer has bought all of Ned's possessions, Bart wears a T-Shirt with ''Maude Loves Ned'' on it.
  • The Flanders kids toast marshmallows on a cigarette lighter.

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  • The final scene, where Maude says ''It's a miracle!'' parodies It's A Wonderful Life. Ned and Maude even wear similar clothes.

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