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Treehouse of Horror VII

Treehouse of Horror VII

Rating: 4 (127 votes)


The Thing and I: The kids hear something in the attic one night, and go to investigate. They find an empty cage, and ask their parents about it. Eventually, they reveal that Bart has an evil twin called Hugo who was locked in the attic. However, Hugo escapes and captures Bart when the rest of the family go out to look for Hugo. Dr. Hibbert manages to capture Hugo, but discovers that Bart's scar is on the wrong side and so Bart must be the evil left twin. The Genius Tub: Lisa makes a science project to prove the bad effects of soda drinks on teeth. However, it comes to life when the tooth is shocked with static electricity. After Bart attacks Lisa's experiment, the miniature world shrinks Lisa and brings her into their world to protect them from Bart. However, Bart takes the mini world to the Science Fair and wins first prize. Citizen Kang: Kang and Kodos return to Earth and kidnap and impersonate Bill Clinton and Bob Dole so they can win the election. Homer knows about this and tries to warn everyone, but there are no other candidates. Kang wins and enslaves the world.

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  • Things in the attic:
    • Marge's Ringo Starr painting (Brush With Greatness)
    • The Spine-melter 2000 (Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?)
    • Bart's electric guitar (The Otto Show)
    • A box of Be Sharps merchandise (Homer's Barbershop Quartet)
    • Bart's Mary Worth telephone (Lady Bouvier's Lover)
    • Bart's ''I Didn't Do It'' T-shirt (Bart Gets Famous)
    • Boxes of the ''Lisa the Lionheart'' doll (Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacey)
    • Homer's autobiography: ''Homer, I Hardly Knew Me''.
  • Hugo is taller and stronger than Bart even though he has just been eating fish heads all his life.
  • Bart uses Maggie as a lantern when entering the attic.
  • Lisa arrives in the miniature world barefoot, even though she was wearing slippers before she entered.
  • Homer is pulled into the alien spaceship by a grappling hook like in those arcade machines.
  • The presidential debate has a $5.00 admission fee.
  • Lisa is the only one who does not cheer at the debate.

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  • Hugo is similar to the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • ''The Genesis Tub'' was inspired by a Twighlight Zone episode where astronauts stumble upon a tiny civilisation on an asteroid.
  • The miniature people seeking revenge on Bart is a parody of ''Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.''
  • Spaceships attack Bart a la the Death Star in ''Star Wars''.

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