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The Springfield Files

The Springfield Files

Rating: 4.3 (127 votes)


One Friday night while Homer is drunk, he wonders through the woods, and sees and alien. When he gets home, he tells Marge, but she doesn't believe him. Then a local magazine publishes an article on the close encounter, and Mulder & Scully from the FBI go to Springfield to check what's going on. Even Mulder & Scully don't believe Homer, so to prove them wrong he and Bart camp out in the woods and wait for the alien to arrive, and video tape it. The next Friday, the whole town returns to the woods to see the alien. When the alien appears, it is revealed to be Mr. Burns, who every Friday night undergoes longevity treatment which leaves him disorientated and confused, with a healthy green glow from radiation.

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  • The Simpsons have a ''Better Homes Than Yours'' magazine on the coffee table.
  • Settings on Moe's Breathalyzer Test: ''Tipsy'', ''Soused'', ''Stinkin'' and ''Boris Yeltsin'' (highest setting).
  • At the arcade, when the guy in the Donkey Kong costume throws barrels, the sounds from the original game can be heard.
  • The billboard Homer sees says ''DIET'', and nothing else.
  • Newspaper headline: ''Human Blimp Sees Flying Saucer''.
  • Mulder wears a bikini in his FBI badge photo.
  • Sign at the FBI's Springfield branch: ''Invading Your Privacy For 60 Years''.
  • The alien line-up: Marvin the Martian, Gort, Chewbacca, Alf and Kang.
  • Jimbo's sign reads: ''Alien Dude, Need Two Tickets To Pearl Jam''.
  • T-shirts for sale include: ''Homer Is A Dope'' and ''No Fat Alien Chicks''.

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  • Scully has an X-Files mug on her desk, and the ''Cigarette Smoking Man'' from the show can be seen during the lie detector scene. There are many other obvious references to this show as well.
  • The Springfield Philharmonic Orchestra plays the music from the shower scene of Psycho.
  • Milhouse puts 40 quarters into the Waterworld game and has a couple of seconds of gameplay, mimicking the overbudgeting of the movie.
  • Three frogs imitate the Budweiser commercial. An alligator eats them and says ''Coors'', they name of another beer.
  • When ''All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy'' is repeatedly typed on the screen, this is a reference to The Shining.
  • Devil's Tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind can be seen in Lisa's ''Junior Skeptic'' magazine. Kent Brockman also makes a reference to this movie, when he calls Homer's video a ''close encounter of the blurred kind''.

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