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Separate Vocations

Separate Vocations

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Springfield Elementary takes an career aptitude test. The test says that Bart will be a policemen and Lisa would be a homemaker like Marge. Dismayed, Lisa turns into a naughty kid, hanging out in the bad girls bathroom. Meanwhile, Bart goes for a ride in a police car, and helps apprehend a thief. Enjoying his new taste of authority, Bart takes sides with Principal Skinner and helps him restore order around the school. After getting detention, Lisa steals all the Teacher's Edition textbooks to see how the teachers would do without them. Bart and Skinner search the school lockers for the lost text books. They find them in Lisa's locker, but Bart takes the blame, realizing that Lisa has more to live for. Bart is sentenced to 600 days of detention.

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  • There is a snake under the floor boards.
  • The bad girls smoke Laramie Jr. cigarettes
  • A name on one of the tests which passes through the machine is James Reardon, a director on The Simpsons.
  • Bart & Skinner search the same sequence of lockers more than once.

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  • The car chase scene is a parody of Bullitt.
  • Lisa's ''whadda ya got?'' response to Skinner's question parodies The Wild One.
  • When Bart imagines himself in court, a blue dot conceals his identity, referencing a real-life court proceeding which was televised shortly before the episode was written.
  • The scene change when Skinner & Bart decide to do a random locker search is taken from the Batman TV show.
  • The music during the locker search is Axel F.

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