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Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Secrets of a Successful Marriage

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After winning a poker game without realizing, Homer is called slow by his friends. Wishing to prove them wrong, he decides to sign up for an adult education class. Not finding anything, he becomes a teacher himself, running a course on how to build a successful marriage. However, he does not know anything about teaching, and his class is unsuccessful until he starts spilling personal secrets about his love life. Marge dislikes this and tells Homer not to say anything more about their personal life. But when it happens again, Marge kicks Homer out of the house, and he ends up living in the treehouse. Marge will not take Homer back, telling him that he has betrayed her trust. Homer tells her how much he loves her and that he cannot afford to lose her trust again. Marge forgives him.

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  • Homer tells the family that Lenny said he was slow, when in fact it was Carl.
  • The classes at the Adult Education Annex are "Turn A Man Into Putty In Your Hands" taught by Patty & Selma, "Funk Dancing For Self-Defense" by Moe, "How To Chew Tobacco" by Lenny, "How To Eat An Orange" by Hans Moleman, and "Secrets of a Successful Marriage" by Homer Simpson.
  • Students in Lenny's class include Otto, Willy, Jasper, Grampa, Captain McAllister, Hans Moleman, and the Crazy Old Man.
  • Students in Homer's class include Carl, Apu, Sideshow Mel, Smithers, Principal Skinner, Mrs. Krabappel, Lionel Hutz, Willy, Otto, Barney Princess Kashmir.
  • Smithers still wears his ID badge in Homer's class.
  • Everyone is surprised that Marge's blue hair isn't natural.
  • Moe gives marge 4 flowers, but when she puts them in the vase they become 7 flowers.

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  • When Homer is trying to convince the manager that he has a perfect family, he sings a line from "Family Ties."
  • Homer's big speech to Marge is a combination of lines from other films/TV series, including "A Few Good Men," "Patton" and "Chinatown".
  • Smithers' recollection of his marriage parodies "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof."

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