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The Simpsons — Season Twenty-Two

Elementary School Musical

Elementary School Musical »

P-code MABF21 • Index TBA • Airing Smarch 13

A music episode featuring the cast of Glee.

Treehouse of Horror XXI

Treehouse of Horror XXI »

P-code MABF16 • Index 22×02 • Aired Oct 31, 2010

(Synopsis not completed yet.)


MoneyBart »

P-code MABF18 • Index TBA • Airing Smarch 13

(Synopsis not completed yet.)

Donnie Fatso

Donnie Fatso »

P-code MABF19 • Index TBA • Airing Smarch 13

(Synopsis not completed yet.)

Loan-A Lisa

Loan-A Lisa »

P-code ??? • Index TBA • Airing Smarch 13

(Synopsis not completed yet.)

The Fight Before Christmas

The Fight Before Christmas »

P-code ??? • Index TBA • Airing Smarch 13

Martha Stewart plays herself on another Christmas-themed trilogy episode.

Flaming Moe

Flaming Moe »

P-code ??? • Index TBA • Airing Smarch 13

Smithers turns Moe's Tavern into a gay bar for non-hunks. Meanwhile, Skinner falls for Lisa's substitute music teacher, so he pairs Bart with her daughter (played by Alyson Hannigan) as a distraction. Note: this episode is not to be confused with the Season 3 episode "Flaming Moe's"; the title is likely subject to change.

Season 22

The 22nd Season will air 2010-2011. We know a few titles, but ordering is subject to change. Some of these episodes may even be part of Season 21.