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Mr. Burns dreams about his childhood. He used to own a bear called Bobo, but gave it up for a lifetime of riches. His birthday is also coming up, but all Burns really wants is his teddy bear. His party is ruined by Homer's awful comedy roast and Homer is beaten up. When Bart goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to get a bag of ice for Homer's injuries, Bart finds the bear inside and gives it to Maggie. Homer realizes that Maggie's bear is Bobo, and negotiates a reward with Burns. However, Homer gives the bear back to Maggie because she is attached to it. Burns tries several methods to get his bear back, but fails. He eventually gives up, and tells Maggie to take care of Bobo for him. As he walks away, Maggie gives Burns the bear back, and he is happy.

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  • Signs outside Burns' Manor: "Keep Out," "Danger Electrified Fence," "Trespassers Will Be Shot" and "Free Kittens Inquire Within."
  • One of Burns' presents is a unicorn.
  • At the party, there are vases shaped like the power plant cooling towers on the tables.
  • The Simpsons theme music plays when Homer comes on stage.
  • Smithers wears his ID badge everywhere.
  • Charles Lindberg actually landed in Paris at night, not in the daytime as shown in this episode. Also it is unlikely that Hitler would have been there.
  • Milhouse's picture is on the milk cartons before it is replaced with Bobo.
  • Even the pets help to restrain Homer from dialling the phone.
  • Otto watches TV while driving the bus - and he's in a cemetary.
  • Although Grampa crashes through the front wall of the Simpsons' house, it is repaired in the next scene.
  • If Mr. Burns and Smithers could get on the Flanders' roof, why couldn't they just go on the Simpson's roof?

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  • The opening music and the scene where Burns breaks the snow globe parodies Citizen Kane.
  • The guards outside Burns Manor march and chant like the guards in The Wizard Of Oz.
  • "Do You Know Where You're Going To" plays during the slide show.
  • The scene with the aquarium is a reference to The Mind's Eye.
  • The scene in 1,000,000 A.D. parodies Planet Of The Apes.

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