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Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

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Lisa enters an essay contest in Reader's Digest and wins a all expenses paid trip for the whole family to go to Washington, D.C. While staying there she explores the building she sees a congressmen taking a bribe for cutting down the Springfield National Forest. She is stunned and starts to lose faith in democracy. She shreds her old essay and prepares a new one exposing the scam to the public during the contest. Everyone is surprised and of course she doesn't win but she goes home feeling she has done the right thing.

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  • This episode marked the first time The Simpsons used Dolby Digital Surround Sound.
  • Lisa scored 39 out of 40 for her essay originally, however, after the judge talks with Homer, she gives her and extra 5 points, making her score 44/40.
  • Blinky, the three eyed fish, is in the corner of the map of Springfield.
  • Articles in Readers' Digest include: ''Motoring Ms.-Haps,'' ''Can we trust Bermuda?'' and ''They Call Me Dr. Soybeans.''
  • According to the mail Homer received, the Simpsons' address was 59 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, T.A. On the map of America, however, the state intials are N.T.

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  • The episode title and general plot for this episode is derived from ''Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.''

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