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Mountain of Madness

Mountain of Madness

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To enforce teamwork, Mr. Burns has his Nuclear Power Plant employees pair up to climb a mountain with the motive that the last person to the top would be fired. Homer is paired up with Burns, so they cheat. The two get to the top first where a cabin is waiting for them. While reminiscing about their victory, several avalanches unload on the cabin leaving it buried under many feet of snow. After hours of being locked up in the cabin, Mr. Burns and Homer begin to go crazy. Aiming for Homer's head, Mr. Burns hits the heat pipe rocketing the cabin out of the snow. The employees pile in, and Mr. Burns, knowing his crew had learned a valuable lesson, proclaimed that no one would be fired.

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  • The teamworking exercise is held at ''Mt. Useful''.
  • Zutroy (the illegal immigrant) still works at the plant.
  • Lenny falls into a hole after being fired, as he did in ''Burns Heir''.
  • The Simpsons' car hit eight others before it stopped on the ice .
  • The ''rocket house'' hits a squirrel as it slides down the mountain.

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  • Two of the employees names read out were Haney and Drucker - two characters from ''Green Acres''.

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