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Lisa's Date with Density

Lisa's Date with Density

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Lisa develops a crush on Nelson Muntz. She tries hard to change the bad boy into a sweet, caring, gentleman and after some hard work she thinks she has succeeded. Meanwhile, Homer acquires an auto dialer and uses it to con Springfield residents into sending him money for happiness. However he is caught and is ordered by the court to apologize. Lisa discovers that Nelson has egged Skinner's house, influenced by the rest of the gang, and so realizes she has changed nothing. The playground bully and Lisa decide to just be friends.

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  • There is a medival mace in Jimbo's locker.
  • The stolen items in Nelson's locker include: a crystal ball, a lobster, a box of Two Star cigars, a globe, a football and a toy plane.
  • Nelson's posters read: ''Nuke The Whales,'' ''Bomb the Arabs and take their oil'' and ''Bomb the Indians and take their casinos''.
  • Mr. Burns' phone number is 555-0001, Prof. Frink's lab is 555-5782, and the Flanders' is 555-8904.
  • Although Wiggum shot three times at the autodialer, it is working fone for Homer's ''Sorry Dude'' speech over the closing credits.
  • This was the ninth consecutive episode which did not have the full Simpsons theme over the closing credits - although this episode has the actual music, it is cut short due to Homer's "Sorry Dude" apologies.

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  • The observatory that appears in this episode looks like the one from Rebel Without A Cause.
  • The first telephone number dialled, 555-0001 (Mr. Burns), is a reference Die Hard With A Vengeance.
  • The inside of Skinner's house looks like the Bates Motel in Psycho.

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