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Like Father, Like Clown

Like Father, Like Clown

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Krusty the Clown finally comes to dinner with the Simpsons, and reveals that he is Jewish, and estranged from his rabbi father. Rabbi Krustofski never liked Krusty's profession of being a clown. He left Krusty for years. So Bart and Lisa team together to try and reunite the two. After searching and searching they find out that the rabbi appears on Reverend Lovejoy's radio show, and soon get his address. They try to convince Rabbi Krustofski to reunite the two by spouting ancient Jewish proverbs, but he refuses. Finally, he gives in when Bart quotes and inspirational phrase from entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. Both Rabbi Krustofski and Krusty the Clown reunited on an episode of the Krusty the Clown show.

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  • Krusty has photos of himself with Alfred Hitchcock and the Beatles.
  • Movies playing at the Springfield-X theater include ''For Your Thighs Only,'' ''Crocodile Done Me,'' and ''Doctor Strangepants.''
  • Rabbi Krustofski turns down the Jackie Mason sandwich at the restaurant.

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  • The plot of this episode, a rabbi rejecting his son's choice of careeras an entertainer, is reminiscent of ''The Jazz Singer.''

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