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Life on the Fast Lane

Life on the Fast Lane

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Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, hoping to keep it himself. However, Marge keeps the ball and takes up bowling. At the bowling alley, she meets a Jacques, and experienced bowler and womanizer. He gives her lessons, and Marge goes to the bowling alley every night. Homer is upset and afraid that his marriage is failing. He tries to tell Marge how he feels about her, but the best he can come up with is that she makes good sanwiches. Jacques asks Marge to meet him at his apartment, but, seeing all the couples in Springfield, she has second thoughts. She reaches a fork in the road, where one way leads to the power plant, and another to Jacques' apartment. Marge turns up at the power plant, and an overjoyed Homer takes Marge to the back seat of his car, not returning for ten minutes.

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  • At the mall, Homer parks his car in a spot marked "No Parking" and "Do Not Park Here".
  • When Jaques drops Marge home, the moon behind them looks like a bowling ball.
  • As Homer carries Marge to the backseat of his car, a gauge behind Lenny moves from "Okay" to "Danger".
  • Jaques loses his French accent when he yells "Four onion rings!"

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  • The ending to this episode parodies "An Officer and a Gentleman".

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