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Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

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After Maggie watches a violent Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, she attacks Homer with a mallet. Realizing that Maggie was influenced by TV, Marge campaigns to eradicate violence in cartoons. Marge stages protests and appears on TV. Eventually the producers give in and ask Marge's help in making the cartoon less violent. The show becomes very lame and ratings plummet. However, when Michelangelo's nude David statue is brought to Springfield, the other parents ask Marge to lead their campaign against it, but Marge likes the statue. She realizes that it is hypocritical to be against one form of free speech and support another.

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  • Homer's mallet still has the price tag attached.
  • Marge's stationary reads: ''From the Mind of Marge.''
  • The David statue wears jeans when appearing on TV.

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  • The scene where Maggie hits Homer over the head is a direct parody of the movie ''Psycho'': the music; Homer pulling the tablecloth (shower curtain in Psycho); the close up on Homer's eye; and the paint running down the drain.
  • When the kids go to play outside, music from Beethoven's 6th Symphony plays a la Disney's ''Fantasia.''
  • In the same scene, some kids whitewash a fence a la Tom Sawyer.

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