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I Married Marge

I Married Marge

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Homer tells the story of back in 1980 when he is dating Marge. The two go on a date to see the hit Star Wars Empire Strikes Back and then celebrate. Then the news comes Marge is pregnant. Homer proposes to Marge and looks for a job, with no luck. Homer decides that he is no good for Marge, and leaves her and the baby behind, figuring they would be better off without him. He leaves in the middle of the night, but at the last second Marge finds Homer and convinces him not to leave. Homer applies for a job at the newly opened Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, telling Burns that he will be the perfect spinelss employee. Burns hires him, and Homer rushes back to the hospital just in time for Bart to be born.

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  • Marge's hair when she was younger was not as tall as it is today.
  • Homer's car has a chain-link steering wheel.
  • The fast rood restaurant Marge worked at was called Berger's Burgers.
  • Patty's stationary is labeled ''From the Pen of Patty.''
  • Homer and Marge's wedding photo cost more than the actual wedding.
  • At the Gulp N Blow, the rest rooms were labeled ''Gulps'' and ''Blows.''

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