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Homer's Night Out

Homer's Night Out

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While Bart (eventually) receives a spy camera, Homer attends a stag party for a co-worker at The Rusty Barnacle. Unknowingly, Marge takes the kids out to dinner at the same restaurant that night, where Bart witnesses Homer dancing with a belly dancer at the stag party. Bart takes a photo with his spy camera, and after he gets it developed, Milhouse asks for a copy and he distributes it around school. Soon, everyone in Springfield has a copy, including Marge, who kicks Homer out. Homer soon comes crawling back, and Marge explains that he has taught Bart a very bad lesson. To make it up to her, Homer takes Bart to meet the belly dancer, to show Bart that she is a real person, but ends up dancing in a burlesque show. Realizing what he's doing, he stops the show to give a speech on the importance of women. Marge turns up and she forgives him.

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  • At the restaurant, Maggie sucks on a piece of fish instead of her pacifier.
  • There are two differnt prices labelled on the photocopier: 5 cents on the front and 10 cents on the coin slot.
  • Carl's voice is different to usual in this episode.
  • Smithers is at The Sapphire Lounge with a woman.

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