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Homer Loves Flanders

Homer Loves Flanders

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Homer tries to get football tickets to the big game between Springfield and Shelbyville in a radio contest, but Ned gets them instead. Ned invites Homer, and eventually Homer accepts. After the game, Ned gets the winning game ball, and gives it to Homer. Overwhelmed by his generosity, Homer and Ned become friends. Homer invites the two families on a trip together to the lake, but they do not get on, and Ned starts to find Homer annoying. While trying to escape Homer in the car, he is arrested for speeding, just as a bus full of townspeople passes by. In church, he shouts at Homer for breathing loudly, and the townspeople advance on him. Homer sticks up for Ned, pointing out that he is a better man than himself. The townspeople apologize, and Homer and Ned are good friends again... for a few days at least.

Memorable quotes

Homer: I did it! Second in line, and all I had to do was miss eight days of work.

Homer: Why am I such a loser? Why?
Bart: Well, your father was a loser, and his father, and his father... it's genetic, man. (realizing) D'oh!

Lisa: What's so special about this game anyway? It's just another chapter in the pointless rivalry between Springfield and Shelbyville. They built a mini-mall, so we built a bigger mini-mall. They made the world's largest pizza, so we burnt down their city hall.

Flanders: Oh, I guess it's time for me to duck again.
Homer: No! I want everyone to know that-- (yelling out window) this is Ned Flanders, my friend!
Lenny: What'd he say?
Carl: I dunno. Something about being gay.

Homer: They don't call me "Springfield Fats" just because I'm morbidly obese!

Lisa: Don't worry, Bart. It seems like every week something odd happens to the Simpsons. My advice is to ride it out, make the occasional smart-alec quip, and by next week we'll be back to where we started from, ready for another wacky adventure.
Bart: Aye caramba!
Lisa: That's the spirit.

Flanders: Bless the grocer for this wonderful meat, the middleman who jacked up the price, and let's not forget the humane but determined boys at the slaughterhouse.

Homer: I'd like to propose a toast to the coming together of the Simpsons and Flanders. If this were a more perfect world, we'd all be known as the Flimpsons.

Helen Lovejoy: Well. Ned Flanders is just jealous.
Moe: Aw, the guy's hepped up on goofballs.
Grampa: Let's sacrifice him to our god! Come on, we did it all the time in the thirties.

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  • Underneath the main headline in the Springfield Shopper, ''Big Fat Man Has Big Fat Heart'' is a smaller headline, ''Little Thin Man Accused In Robbery''.
  • Flanders Boat is named ''Thanks For The Boat, Lord II''.
  • The sign at Springfield Lake reads: ''No Mercury Dumping Without A Permit'' and features Blinky, the three-eyed fish.
  • Flanders' license plate reads: JHN 143, referring to a passage in the Bible.
  • A ''Last Supper'' painting hangs in Flanders' games room.
  • Otto drives the church bus.
  • The marquee outside church reads, ''Loosest Bongo Cards In Town''.

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  • Homer emerging from the hedge, and when he chases the Flanders' with golf clubs parodies Terminator 2.
  • Wiggum says ''Where's you messiah now?'' to Flanders a la The Ten Commandments.

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