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Homer Defined

Homer Defined

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When Homer is sleeping during work, a meltdown occurs at the Springfield Power Plant. This is narrowly avoided by Homer waking and pressing a random button. Overnight Homer becomes a hero for saving the town even thought he knew it was all luck. Soon he is Employee of the Month and was invited to make a speech for employees at Shelbyville Nuclear Plant. Meanwhile, Bart learns that Milhouse did not invite him to his birthday party because Milhouse's mother thinks Bart is bad influence. However, after Marge has a chat with her, she lets the boys be friends again. At the speech, another meltdown occurs and the Shelbyville Plant owner asks Homer to save his plant. When Homer presses a random button again, he is ridiculed by the whole of Springfield. Now when people do something and it was just luck its called a "Homer".

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  • Bart squeaks chalk during his chalkboard gag, ''I Will Not Squeak Chalk.''
  • The coffee mugs at the plant are shaped like cooling towers.
  • Otto drives the school bus at 70mph.

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  • Homer saves the plant with 007 seconds remaining, reminiscent of James Bond movies.

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