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Homer Alone

Homer Alone

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Marge goes crazy under pressure from the responsibilities of being a housewife. To relieve herself from all the pressure and stress, she takes a solo vacation at Rancho Relaxo. Since there is no babysitter for them Bart and Lisa go to Patty and Selma's. While Marge is gone late one night Maggie goes in search of her mother. Homer finds out that Maggie is gone and goes looking for her but can't find her. Eventually, Chief Wiggum returns her. Homer picks up Bart and Lisa from Patty and Selma's, and they are very excited to see him. They go to the train station to meet Marge, who promises never to leave them ever again.

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  • Homer and Bart's ''Latin names'' were Homo Neanderthal'us and Brat'us Don'thaveacow'us
  • The bus on Springfield bridge is filled with actors in costume.
  • When Maggie crawls down one street, a car is parked in a ''No Parking'' zone.
  • The giant Olmec Indian head from 7F22 Blood Feud is still in the basement.
  • The police tape reads: ''Distressed Mother - Please Stay Back''.

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  • The opening scene (see above) parodies the Road Runner cartoons.
  • The episode title and the part where Homer loses Maggie both reference the film Home Alone.

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