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Burns' Heir

Burns' Heir

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After nearly drowning in the bath tub, Mr. Burns decides to find an heir, and holds auditions at his mansion. Homer gives Bart cards to read, but reading them, he sounds like a moron. Humiliated, Bart vandalizes Burns' mansion. Burns sees this and like Bart's malevolence, so picks him after all. Bart spends time with Mr. Burns, where he is given the life of luxury. Back at home, he acts rambunctious and Homer tries to punish him. Bart goes back to live with Mr. Burns because Burns nurtures his destructive side. After a while, Bart misses his family and wants to go home, but Burns convinces Bart that his family don't want him back. At the power plant the next day, Burns asks Bart to fire Homer. Bart instead fires Burns and drops him through the trap door.

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  • Stores at the Springfield Mall include ''Gum For Less,'' ''Shoes For Tots'' and ''The Creamatorium''.
  • Sign at the Happy Earwig hotel: ''Our Crawlspace Now Body-Free''.
  • Comformco Brain Deprogrammers is a subsidiary of Mrs. Field's Cookies.
  • Krusty reads a teleprompter in a 1982 episode of his show, even though he is supposed to be illiterate.

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  • A cockney boy say to Burns, ''Today? Why it's Christmas Day!'' referencing a scene in A Christmas Carol.
  • Burns gets the idea for his hidden cameras from the movie Sliver.
  • Hans Moleman is deprogrammed in Room 101 a la 1984.
  • Moe talking to himself in the mirror parodies Taxi Driver.
  • The scene in the cinema (THX Sound System) is a reference to Star Wars.

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