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Burns, Baby Burns

Burns, Baby Burns

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Mr. Burns discover that he has a long lost son, Larry Burns. Mr. Burns accepts Larry as his son, but soon he loses respect for him when he finds out he is a oaf. So Homer and Larry devise a plan to fake kidnap Larry in Homer's basement, to see if Mr. Burns really cares about Larry. The police track them down and the devised plan isn't a success. Mr. Burns decides he cannot love his son and he must go. Larry leaves Springfield for ever.

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  • The Simpsons visit Mt. Swartzwelder Cider Mill, named after Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder.
  • The Olmec Indian head from 7F22 Brush With Greatness is still in the basement.
  • Statues of Burns dressed like an ancient Roman can be seen outside his mansion.
  • Mr. Burns was a member of Yale's class of 1914.

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  • Larry Burns insulting everyone at the country club, and the party at the end to ''Anyway You Want It'' is a parody of ''Caddyshack'', starring Rodney Dangerfield (who voiced Larry).

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