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Brother from Another Series

Brother from Another Series

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Sideshow Bob is paroled once again, but Bart suspects a sinister motive when Bob's brother Cecil puts him in charge of Springfield's Hydroelectric Dam.

Memorable quotes

Sideshow Bob: know that I do had a problem with trying to kill people?
Cecil: Really? I had know idea. For you see, I have been on Mars for the last four years. With my eyes shut and my fingers in my ears.
Sideshow Bob: Touché, Cecil.

Sideshow Bob: Oh c'mon you've wanted to be Krustys sidekick since you were five!
Cecil: I don't know what you're talking about.
Sideshow Bob: What about the bufoon lessons, those four years at clown college?
Cecil: I'd thank you not to refer to Princeton that way!

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