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A Milhouse Divided

A Milhouse Divided

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When Homer and Marge hold a party and the Van Houtens are invited it turns out to be a disaster. Luann announces that she wants to divorce Kirk. Homer laughs at the idea that this will ever happen to him. But soon he realizes that he has been taking his marriage for granted. Believing that Marge needs a fresh start, Homer files for divorce. However, it turns out to be a second marriage. Homer sets up a surprise party for the marriage in the living room. Homer asks Marge to marry him for the second time, she accepts. Kirk feels this is the time to ask Luan to re-marry him, but she refuses.

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  • Homer reads ''Hot Lotto Picks'' in bed.
  • Marge gets her hair cut at ''The Perm Bank''.
  • The Southern Cracker Company makes ''the dryyyyyy cracker.''

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  • Homer says he imagined that married life would involve driving around in a van solving mysteries - a reference to Scooby Doo.
  • Luanne's new boyfriend is from the TV show ''Gladiators'' and they both leave for their date in an ''Atlasphere.''

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