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Ned Flanders

Name: Ned Flanders
Identity: Homer's "perfect" neighbor, regular church-goer.

Age: 60
Related to: Maude (his wife who died recently), Rod and Todd (children), and parents (beatniks who didn't believe in discipline at any time.) Was also married to a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas.
Occupation: Owner of "The Leftorium" at Springfield Mall.
"Hidilly-ho!" and "Okilly-dokilly".

Best friends: God, Homer (for a while).
Enemies: Homer (most of the time)

Previous jobs: Pharmacist, Scout leader, Principal at Springfield Elementary.

"Well get out the Crayolas and color me tickled pink!"

Appearances: Most episodes. Has been Homer's best friend [1F14], has been the victim of a hurricane (when he checked himself into a mental institution) [4F07], mowed the lawn in his wife's Sunday dress [7F08], and slept with (and married) a cocktail waitress in Vegas [AABF06].