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Maggie Simpson

Name: Margaret Simpson
Identity: Baby escapee.

Age: 1
Related to: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Abe, Jacqueline, Patty, Selma, Herb.
Catchphrases: Sucking her pacifier.

Value: $847.63 (according to the opening credits).
Best friend: The TV
Enemies: Gerald (the monobrow baby).
Idol: The TV

First word: "Daddy"
Other things she has said: "It's your fault I can't talk!" and "Moe" - however, these were both in  hallucinations.

Intelligence: High for a baby - Maggie knows what a credenza is, she can spell EMCSQU (E=MC²) on her blocks [7G02], can write her name on an Etch-a-sketch [1F12], and can drive a car [9F03].

"It's your fault I can't talk!"

Personality traits: Sucking her pacifier continuously, watching and copying TV (e.g. hitting Homer over the head with a mallet).
Future personality trait: Hellion with an amazing voice.
Past loves: Bobo [1F16], and a box which Homer took [1F16].

Appearances: Nearly every episode to date (she has been omitted from some recent episodes). Has been adopted by bears [7G09], rebelled against a daycare center [8F18], and beat up Homer [7F09].