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Bart Simpson

Name: Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson
Identity: The troublemaker of the Simpson family.

Age: 10 (2 years and 38 days older than Lisa)
Family: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Abe, Jacqueline, Patty, Selma, Herb
Blood type: Double-O negative.
Allergies: Butterscotch, imitation butterscotch, glow-in-the-dark make-up.
Catchphrases: Aye Carumba!, Eat my shorts, I didn't do it!

Best friend: Milhouse Van Houten
Enemies: Nelson Muntz, Jimbo Jones, Dolph and Kearney
Mortal enemies: Sideshow Bob, Dr Dementia
Hero: Ronny Beck
Idol: Krusty the Klown

First words: "Ay Carumba!"
Hobbies: Causing trouble (eg making prank calls to Moes Tavern), Watching TV, skateboarding.
Past loves: Laura Powers, Jessica Lovejoy, and Sarah plain and tall.

Awards won: Best writing in a cartoon series for Itchy & Scratchy [9F16]; 1st prize in the Science Fair for his flying hamster [9F14]; and some others: 6th place, honorable mention, participant, runner up, 4th place, and Everybody Gets A Trophy Day.

Previous jobs: The "I Didn't Do It" boy [1F11], army officer [7G05], script writer for Itchy and Scratchy [9F16], and a blackjack dealer in his Treehouse casino [1F08], factory boss [4F19], worker at Android's Dungeon (the Comic Book Store) [CABF08].

Possible future jobs: Police officer [8F15], Chief Justice of the Supreme court [9F03], a Demolition worker [2F15], a lawyer [2F15], and a member of a band [BABF13].

Appearances: Every episode. Has had two birthdays [8F11 & 9F04],thwarted numerous evil plans by Sideshow Bob, fallen down a well, flooded the school, bought a factory for $1.00, and been a presenter on 'Kidz Newz'.

"You've got the brains to go as far as you want. And when you do, I'll be right there to borrow money."