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Best Episodes Ever!

Here are my top 10 favorite episodes, and the reasoning behind my choices. Please remember that this is my opinion and your personal choices may differ from mine.

10. Bart's Comet

Bart discovers a comet - that can't be bad! However, the best moments came from other characters: Homer being right about the comet burning up; Kent Brockman's gay list (all are people who work on the show); the "Big Butt" weather balloon; and Homer singing "do do do do do" in his escape plan.

9. The Homer They Fall

Homer gets yet another job! The best thing about this, though, is that Marge doesn't complain too much: "Homer, of all the crazy ideas you've ever had... this one ranks somewhere in the middle."

The episode starts well, with the shop, "Miscellaneous, Etc." Here we have a great Comic Book Guy & Sarcastic Clerk scene: "Whoa! A fat, sarcastic Star Trek fan - you must be a devil with the ladies."

Overall, another excellent episode.

8. Bart on the Road

All I have to do is see Bart driving the car with his shades on to crease up with laughter! Still, the rest of this episode is great too. In fact, it gets better and better as the episode progresses.

Great jokes include the Al Gore doll ("You are hearing me talk"); Homer & Lisa at the plant; and Nelson's line, "but on the plus side, I knocked over the Sun-Sphere."

However, my favorite is this:
Milhouse: "Bart! Nelson hit me!"
Bart: "He sure did."

7. Bart, the Mother

The yelling scene has to be the defining moment of this episode. It makes me crease up every time I watch it, even though I've seen it dozens of times!

The opening is probably the best part of the episode, but that's not bad by any means. The middle isn't quite as good, but the shouting scene makes up for that. Finally, the ending picks up with great lines from supporting characters.

My favorite line has to be this from Skinner, looking at his watch: "Okay, that's exactly one moment," and then Marge standing in the way.

6. Secrets of a Successful Marriage

What can I say? Great episode! This episode deals with a lot of emotions, and it deals with them well. Plus the humor in the episode is top-notch!

Some of the best moments include: Hans Moleman's class on how to eat an orange, the opening scene at Lenny's house ("something said... not good...") and the line: "Remember when I took that home winemaking course and I forgot how to drive?"

Non-stop laughs all the way through!

5. Homer's Enemy

The definitive Homer episode! For anyone who does not understand what kind of person Homer is, this is the episode to watch. Homer's Enemy is good because, for the first time, a 'normal' character appears.

Frank Grimes has to be one of my favorite 'one-episode' characters of all time, because he makes you realize that none of the Simpsons cast are normal.

There is just too much stuff that is funny in this episode to list here, but my favorite moment is probably when Homer is in the contest for children and Lenny says: "Quiet! You're making us miss the contest!" Well, it's funny in context, anyway.

4. Trash of the Titans

Happy Love Day everyone! This episode starts on a high and maintains it all the way through. There is also a smooth transition between Love Day and the main story, which rarely happens nowadays.

There are some great lines, too, such as "I never apologize, Lisa. I'm sorry, but that's just the way I am," and "Close, but you're way off." The Garbage Man song was great as well: music is one of my favorite parts to The Simpsons.

The ending is a little far fetched, which is why it is not higher, but nonetheless it is still a great episode.

3. Last Exit To Springfield

If you think about this episode, the storyline is somewhat muddled. But when I watch it, I cannot stop laughing! There is just so much that is funny, and it all works on so many levels.

Homer is "classic Homer" in this episode, trading his crummy old Danish for a delicious doorstop, taking ages to think (Dental Plan! Lisa needs braces. Dental Plan! Lisa needs braces...) and imagining himself in the world of organized crime. Mmm... organized crime...

This episode also has one of the funniest moments in Simpsons history (in my own opinion): the Hired Goons scene. This tops off a great episode!

2. Worst Episode Ever

Every minute of this episode is hilarious! A great episode about one of the best characters in the show. We start with a classic kitchen scene, not matched since the "missing dinner plates" scene from The Cartridge Family (when they eat out of colanders and mugs, then Homer's gun accidentally shoot's Marge's picture). The baking soda that came with the house was good, as was Homer antacid trip. This, and Homer's recollection of his first public banning reminded me of the classic Season 4/5 style, which is always good.

Right after Comic Book Guy's heart attack, the episode gets funnier and funnier. There were so many great moments in this episode; I couldn't possibly list them all here. Great bits were: Comic Book Guy declaring his cardiac episode "Worst Episode Ever" (hence the episode title); the transformer toy that turns into a watering can; Bart in his coat and hat; Homer trying to help him make friends; the whole scene at Moe's; the kids tying to escape through the posters; Chief Wiggum and Lou; and the radioactive monkey.

This episode made a refreshing change to the normal activities of The Simpsons, as it was Bart & Milhouse involved in the zany scheme instead of Homer, and Homer was helping someone.

Another thing that kept me laughing was that Comic Book Guy, as he is known, was never referred to by his real name. Even Chief Wiggum said: "Comic Book Guy, you are under arrest!"

And finally... my favorite episode of all time:

1. The Cartridge Family

And now, to my favorite episode of all time. From the beginning to the end, this episode keeps me laughing.

The soccer match makes a nice change from football and baseball. The Mexican commentator is funny here, as well as the riot that breaks out. Groundskeeper Willy and his Scottish friends make this good.

The "Ex-con Security" company is good, but expensive, so Homer buys a gun. Well, eventually, after muttering all night, and watching many targets go by: rabbits, ducks, Patty & Selma, and Ned Flanders. Then we have Marge's objections - no surprises there, but at least it's not because of another zany scheme (or an even zanier scheme!).

Homer trying to justify his reasons for getting a gun was great:
"A gun is not a weapon, Marge, it's a tool. Like a butcher knife, or a harpoon, or... or an alligator."
"But Marge, I swear to you - I never thought you'd find out!"
"If a gun is good enough to protect something as important as a bar, then it's good enough to protect my family."
"I felt an incredible surge of power, like God must feel when he's holding a gun."
These are just a small fraction of the fantastic one-liners in this episode.

There was a lot more great stuff in this episode, such as the Sleep-Eazy Motel (which read Sl e azy), Homer hosting the NRA meeting, and "Vote Quimby!"

What I like so much about this episode is that everyone is in character: Marge with her nagging, Homer with his lame excuses, and Bart being mischievous. It was also good to see many secondary characters: the sarcastic clerk, Ned, Patty & Selma, Willy, and Snake.

It is an original storyline, full of laughs, and rightly deserves the Simpson Crazy Award For The Best Simpsons Episode Ever Made!