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Simpsons News & Products

The Final Look

Simpsons News — Posted 14 Jan, 2002 by Scott

Hey party people, the final look of the Dual set of Homer and Lurleen is out. Thanks goes out to Action Figures Express.

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Would You Like Stickers With That?

Simpsons News — Posted 11 Jan, 2002 by Scott

Hey Simpson WoS collectors. Many collectors have noticed that the new Environment for the Krusty Burger sometimes does NOT come with the stickers with the accessories. Just wanted to give all you collectors a heads up, if you really want one with the stickers then make sure to check when purchasing or return to the store you bought your enviroment in and request the stickers. Thanks goes out to all those collectors who did notice.

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Shearer Talks About McBain

Simpsons News — Posted 09 Jan, 2002 by Scott

Recently a website by the name of "The Arnold Fan" had a very interesting Interview with Harry Shearer about his roll as Rainier Wolfcastle or we as we might better know him as McBain. The topic of the WoS figures comes up as well as his works on the Simpsons episodes. Click Here to Read the Interview

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Brawl in the Family

Simpsons News — Posted 07 Jan, 2002 by Scott

New episode. A social worker is assigned to try to bring the family together after police respond to a fight between Bart and Homer during a game of Monopoly. Hey! acid rain is involved. Also, it appears Homer gets kicked out of the house when Marge gets word of his marriage from the episode "Viva Ned Flanders" (where Ned and Homer get married when they get drunk in Vegas).

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MmMmM.. Pez Keychains

Simpsons News — Posted 05 Jan, 2002 by Scott

Hey all you Simpson party people, Pez has released a new line of Simpson Pez dispensers which are much smaller than the original Simpson Pez dispensers released and these mini-dispensers are all useful as keychains! We here believe that Homer would highly recommend this product since it does allow the individual to have Pez candy when ever and where ever he or she goes. You can't fight with that argument people.

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Simpsons News — Posted 04 Jan, 2002 by Scott

Hey Hey Kids! It's your favorite TV clown in a box. That's right, Rocket USA, the company that's going to make the Wind-Up Tin Homer, has unveiled that one of the products also being released is a Jack-in-the-Box toy with Krusty!

A toy company rep says that this "Krusty-in-the-Bow" is about 12 inches high and plays music until Krusty pops up. It's expected to retail for about $25 and be available in stores in March. Thanks goes to "Collecting Simpsons!" website for the exclusive picture of the item.

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Attention Kmart Shoppers.. Its Valentines Day!

Simpsons News — Posted 02 Jan, 2002 by Scott

Well the new year is here and according to our calendars the next sort of, kind of, big holiday is Valentines day and it can't be Valentines Day for the kids without the Simpsons. So, now at Kmart for 99 cents ( can't beat that price!) you can pick up a box of Simpsons Valentines Cards.

Distributed by Paper Magic Group, the box includes 32 "fold and seal" cards with heart-shaped stickers to seal them. There are eight designs with numerous characters, including Bart ("I didn't do it"), Ralph Wiggum ("I picked this one myself!"), Nelson ("Smell ya later, Valentine") and Milhouse ("It's Valentine's Day everywhere but my heart").

Pick your box up today so not to leave your loved one without a Simpsons card. And remember, all of us here at Simpson Crazy love you too.

3..2..1.. Happy Birthd...New Year! Doh!

Simpsons News — Posted 31 Dec, 2001 by Scott

Hey party people, everyone here at Simpson Crazy would like to wish you a very happy New Year. Whether you're out partying or watching a Dr.Who Marathon with 100 Tacos ( which only cost $100 )we hope that your New Years is fun and exciting. We've got a lot of stuff planned for 2002 with this site and we hope you're going to be there to witness it. So party like it's 1999!!... or something like that.

Whats That In the Fridge?

Simpsons News — Posted 31 Dec, 2001 by Scott

With the next series of the WoS toys coming out, the playsets are of course the ones which are the most exiciting to get. The most recent release of the Kitchen with Mumu Homer is one that is said to be the most detail, but not just because of the outer detail as the other sets. The fridge in this playset actually opens to reveal even more detail given to this playset with food ( stickers not actual accessories ). With the fact that most collectors don't open their sets, we just wanted to tell you what you're going to be missing.

More Blocko News

Simpsons News — Posted 30 Dec, 2001 by Scott

Hey all you coooool Simpson Collectors, more news on the coming soon Blocko figures which we mentioned earlier. As you can see above, the figure will come boxed with background and are scheduled for April release. You can see the price will most likely be $12.00 each. We are working hard on getting this item in our store soon. We will keep you notified of the store's progress.

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