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Simpsons News & Products

Season 10 DVD box art released

Simpsons News — Posted 26 May, 2007 by Scott

The official art for the Simpsons: Complete Tenth Season on DVD has been revealed by Amazon. As we reported previosuly, the set features Bart.

The 'alternate' box has Bart driving a buggy into a movie studio lot. The head box is, well, just Bart's head.

Simpsons Season 10 - regular box Simpsons Season 10 - head box, chock full of heady goodness!
The two set designs. Click each image to
see a bigger version.

The DVD will be released on August 7th in the US. No word yet on other release dates.

400th episode promo clips

Simpsons News — Posted 19 May, 2007 by Scott

Fox have released several promo clips for the upcoming Season finale double-bill. They are available at but since that page is unbelievably slow to load, we have direct links for you below.

UPDATE: Fox has removed the videos from their web site, sorry.

Official Simpsons site redesigns

Simpsons News — Posted 18 May, 2007 by Scott

If you have visited the official Simpsons site at recently you will have noticed that it's been specially redesigned for the 400th episode!

The top of the design features 400 thumbnails, each representing a Simpsons episode (this takes ages to load though). Clicking on one will bring up a mini episode guide, with a link to their main episode guide.

Below this are several nicely laid out links to the various sections. Overall it is a very nice design, much better than the previous.

There is also now a trivia competition - see if you can answer 75 questions about The Simpsons quickly!

And finally there is a sweepstake to win a trip for 4 to the Simpsons Movie premiere! All you need to do is pay attention to the trailer airing in the ad breaks of the episodes on Sunday.

The Simpsons hits 400 episodes!

Simpsons News — Posted 16 May, 2007 by Scott

The Simpsons reach 400 episodes!This Sunday, The Simpsons reaches yet another milestone - 400 episodes! The final two episodes of Season 18 will be aired in a double bill. The 400th episode stars Keifer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub in a parody of the hit TV show '24'.

24 Minutes (JABF14)
With the help of Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian, Bart and Lisa, agents of the Counter Truancy Unit (CTU), must stop bullies Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo from releasing the ultimate stink bomb at the school’s annual bake sale. Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub guest star.

You Kent Always Say What You Want
Promo for the 400th episode

You Kent Always Say What You Want (JABF15) - 400th episode!
Homer saves the day from Ned and his anti-indecency campaign after anchorman Kent Brockman utters a swear word on live television. Ludacris guest stars.

The Simpsons Season 10 DVD

Simpsons News — Posted 07 May, 2007 by Scott

Details about the Simpsons Complete Tenth Season DVD have emerged today. The set will be released on August 7th (just 11 days after the movie is released in cinemas).

Simpsons DVD mock-ups, Seasons 6-10

As usual it will be stuffed with special features including deleted scenes, commentaries on every episode, commercial spots, animation showcases and a sneak peek of the Simpsons Movie DVD. As well as various Simpsons producers, writers and directors, the commentaries will also feature Mark Hamill on the episode Mayored to the Mob (in which he plays himself).

The cover art has not yet been released, but it has already been confirmed that Bart will the the theme.

Click below to see the full details.

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The Simpsons come to Universal Studios

Simpsons News — Posted 25 Apr, 2007 by Scott

Universal Studios Simpsons rideUniversal's theme parks add animated fun and excitement to their roster as The Simpsons becomes the inspiration for the world's most highly anticipated new theme park ride.

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie will ride along with guests in a new mega-attraction opening at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in Spring 2008.

Guests will be rocketed along with the Simpson family on a hysterical, almost unimaginable adventure. They'll experience a side of Springfield previously unexplored as they enjoy the new ride's interpretation of thrill rides, dark rides and "live" shows that make up a new fantasy amusement park dreamed up by the show's cantankerous Krusty the Clown.

"The ride is designed to duplicate the Simpsons home-viewing experience, only at high speed and with lots of screaming," stated Matt Groening.

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Bart Simpsons Qee Announced from Toy2R

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Apr, 2007 by Scott

The Hong Kong based vinyl-toy company, Toy2R, has announced the soon to be released Bart Simpson Qee figure. This is the first in the Simpsons line of Qee which Toy2R has become famous for in the vinyl toy world. These figures come in 8 inches and 2.5 inches. This figure, with possibly other family members, will be released around the time of the movie in June/July. Remember that you'll be able to get this figure as well as other great vinyl toys from our store.

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McFarlane add 'Simpsons Movie' line of toys

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Mar, 2007 by Scott

That's right, recently McFarlane toys unveiled their set of Simpsons figurines and sets from The Simpsons Movie.

The Simpsons Movie - the family in the cinema
The Simpsons family attend the premiere of their movie!

The Simpsons Movie - Itchy and Scratchy in Presidential PoliticsThe line of toys includes each of the family members in a cinema seat with various accessories; Itchy and Scratchy in a cartoon entitled "Presidential Politics"; Bart skateboarding naked; Homer with the pig seen in the trailer; and Bart and Ned Flanders with a "Top Secret Character" The Simpsons Movie - Bart and Flanders with mystery character by a very green stretch of water (could it be Blinky, the three-eyed fish?)

Head on over to to see the full range with more pictures!

Trailer screenshots

Simpsons News — Posted 20 Feb, 2007 by Scott

Simpsons Movie trailerI've uploaded a tonne of screenshots from the new movie trailer. There are some great shots in there, such as Homer in an MC Escher-type building, Burns' mansion located on a hill, and the great Gabbo!
View screenshots here

Full Simpsons Movie trailer released!

Simpsons News — Posted 19 Feb, 2007 by Scott

Wow, this is just awesome. Fox have released what appears to be a full length trailer for The Simpsons Movie, coming to cinemas July 27, 2007.

The Simpsons Movie
View Trailer
(labelled as trailer 3)

The trailer starts with a voiceover as some black lines are drawn:
Between honor and dishonor...
Between family and enemies...
Between July and August...
A line will be drawn...
And then colored in yellow

Several clips from the movie follow, which are too numerous to list here. Watch the trailer for yourself and spot them all! We'll have more detailed information coming soon, watch this space!

The Simpsons Movie - featuring Itchy

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