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Simpsons News & Products

Futurama Movie out on DVD

Simpsons News — Posted 28 Nov, 2007 by Scott

The Futurama straight-to-DVD movie, titled Bender's Big Score was released yesterday! This is the first of four movies: the others are
The Beast with a Billion Backs, Bender's Game and The Wild Green Yonder.

The 'other show' by Simpsons creator Matt Groening was axed in 2003 but gained popoularity through DVD sales and re-runs on Comedy Central.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

The film itself is about alien telemarketers who plan to steal Earth's most valuable historical objects. Using e-mail viruses to cripple Planet Express, they take control of Bender.

Bonus features include audio commentary, Futurama math lecture and a full-length episode of Everyone Loves Hypno Toad. also has a cool exclusive promo video featuring Robot Santa Clause.

The Simpsons Game: in stores now

Simpsons News — Posted 05 Nov, 2007 by Scott

The Simpsons Game has been released on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 2, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

The Simpsons Game

With parodies of the video game industry, pop culture and current events, The Simpsons Game has the same subversive humor and delightfully smart wit as the critically acclaimed TV series. Play along as your favorite yellow, dysfunctional TV family members, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, battle to break free of the video game world and save Springfield.

Don't forget to check out to see some of the parodies and other clips.

EA upsets games companies with The Simpsons

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Oct, 2007 by Scott

(We're a bit late posting this news, but here it is.)

EA's forthcoming The Simpsons game parodies 30 years of videogaming and gaming IPs, but there are games companies that have refused to see the funny side of things.

Simpsons game parody posters

"I was always under the impression that when you do parody, it's a sign of respect... If we make fun of Grand Theft Auto, we're not going to hurt the sales of Grand Theft Auto... But yeah, we've definitely had some reactions - we've had to pull stuff from the game", The Simpsons lead designer Greg Rizzer revealed to us in an interview earlier this week.

"But that's cool to me", Rizzer continued. "It's cool to still know, I feel, that the industry's been waiting for a game like this to come along. It's been too long since we really had one, and of course [there's] The Simpsons being the perfect vehicle to poke fun at the games industry."

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Fox Censors Family Guy Simpsons Gag

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Oct, 2007 by Scott

Cartoon Network [adult swim] viewers were surprised and astonished this weekend when the network aired the uncensored version of the recent Family Guy episode "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)".

During the scene where Lois and Brian talk about whether or not Brian should move in with Jillian, a fake advertisement for The Simpsons with Marge appears on the bottom of the screen. Quagmire walks in and tries to rape Marge. Marge runs offscreen with Quagmire following her with his pants down. After Lois and Brian finish talking, Marge and Quagmire return while Marge exclaims how wonderful sex with Quagmire was; Quagmire suggests going to Marge's house for "round two." (Offscreen), Quagmire finishes having sex with Marge at The Simpson home, but then kills the entire Simpson family after they walk in on them (also offscreen). This scene was cut from the Fox airing, but aired on Global in Canada and on Adult Swim in the United States. The version shown on Fox cut abruptly to commercial prior to the scene referencing The Simpsons. US viewers can watch this on repeats of the episode on [adult swim] or wait for the Season 6 DVD.

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Simpsons Game Demo for PS3

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Oct, 2007 by Scott

A new 27 minute previews of the new Simpsons Game has been released. PC World has written up a blogged review of it.

"Otherwise it seems like your average team-driven action game draped in friendly Simpsons pastiche. Play as Bart and you can shoot with a slingshot, switch to Bartman and float or hover on updrafts with your cape, or grab a power-up helmet to become RoboBart and fire lasers. Play as Homer and you can morph into a gigantic rolling ball of flab, or inhale a bunch of helium to float. You power up using electricity, oddly enough, which can unleash "super" attacks if you hold down each character's ability button, and you can switch between characters easily by tapping the d-pad (the game auto-controls your team member, though it unfortunately tends to leave them doddering in the line of fire)."

"I know it's just the demo, and the prospect of exploring Springfield and interacting with 170 series characters through 16 episodes in the final (due 10/30) still sort of has my interest. Plays as all four characters (and Maggie in special sequences)? Use Marge to "nag" NPCs with a megaphone? Matt Groening (the series creator) as a boss at the end of the game?"

Click below to see video.

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Season Premiere: He Loves to Fly and He Dohs

Simpsons News — Posted 23 Sep, 2007 by Scott

A new season of the Simpsons starts tonight with a new episode featuring singer Lionel Richie and actor Stephen Colbert. This is part of a night of season openers that Fox is doing and the newest episode since the movie has been released. Fox has even made a cool website for the Sunday Lineup Here.

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Store Now Carrying New Items

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Sep, 2007 by Scott

Hey fans, we would like to give you an update the our online store is happy to be carrying the newest Simpson toys from McFarlane Toys and Toy2R. We now have the Bart 10 and 3 inch Qees as well as the long awaited Island of Dr. Hibbert Set. Support our site by buying your Simpson products from our store Here.

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Simpsons quotes enter new Oxford dictionary

Simpsons News — Posted 23 Aug, 2007 by Scott

Homer SimpsonDictionaries have found a new master of the modern quotation to challenge the best of Oscar Wilde and Groucho Marx... Homer Simpson's creator Matt Groening.

The brains behind the world's favourite cartoon series has three new entries in the latest volume of quotations from the experts at Oxford University.

The latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations, published today, is a testament to the growing popularity and influence of characters from The Simpsons.

Homer Simpson phrases include: "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try."

Another Homer quotation featured is: "Kids are the best, Apu. You can teach them to hate the things you hate. And they practically raise themselves, what with the internet and all."

Also included is the much-repeated reference to the French by the Scottish caretaker Willie who remarks: "Bonjour, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys" in a 1995 episode.


10 Gizmos for Simpsons Fans

Simpsons News — Posted 27 Jul, 2007 by Scott

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons, has posted their "top 10 gizmos for The Simpsons fans".

From the site: “In addition to the television series, the family has shown up in a variety of places: They demonstrated their vocal prowess on The Simpsons Sing The Blues album, been branded (it didn't hurt, promise) for special editions of board games, such as Clue and Monopoly, and starred in their first feature-length film, The Simpsons Movie, which debuts today.

“Today we celebrate this not-so-tech-savvy family and pay homage to the long-running TV show. So, of course, we searched for the some of the greatest branded The Simpsons merchandise this side of Springfield.”

The list includes a robotic Homer, doughnut maker, talking shower radio and more.

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Bluegrass Tribute to The Simpsons

Simpsons News — Posted 27 Jul, 2007 by Scott

Four Finger MusicLast week CMH Records released an album of bluegrass versions of songs from The Simpsons.

Entitled Four Finger Music: The Bluegrass Tribute to the Music Made Famous by The Simpsons, the album is a compilation of Simpsons' classics performed by the twangy bluegrass band Hit & Run.

It is available digitally through vendors such as iTunes, eMusic, and Napster, or you can buy a physical CD through their website, where you can also listen to audio samples. The album will hit retail stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart in September.

Track listing:

  1. "The Simpsons" Main Title
  2. We Put the Spring in Springfield
  3. The Monorail Song
  4. Cut Every Corner
  5. Who Needs the Kwik-E Mart?
  6. See My Vest
  7. Senor Burns
  8. We Do (The Stonecutters Theme)
  9. Baby on Board
  10. Bagged Me a Homer
  11. Happy Birthday, Lisa
  12. Planet of the Apes: The Musical
  13. Hail to Thee, Kamp Krusty
  14. "The Simpsons" Closing Theme

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