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Simpsons News & Products

Season 13 DVD details and cover art

Simpsons News — Posted 05 May, 2010 by Scott

Details for the Simpsons Complete Thirteenth Season on DVD have been announced! The Season will be released on August 24th, on both DVD and Blu-Ray for some reason, despite this Season not having any high-definition episodes.

Simpsons Season 13 DVD cover
It's lucky number 13 for Ralph
The cover art features Ralph Wiggum holding some raffle tickets, on a purple background.

Special features are sketchy at this stage, but there will be commentaries on every episode as normal.

BREAKING: Seth MacFarlane to take over The Simpsons

Simpsons News — Posted 01 Apr, 2010 by Scott

Note: this was an April Fool's Day 2010 joke, it is not real news.
We've just got word that the creator of the much-loved Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, has been signed on to The Simpsons as the new showrunner. He will replace current showrunner of nine years, Al Jean, for the next production run of episodes, which will begin airing around the middle of next Season (the 22nd).

MacFarlane, who also created American Dad, The Cleveland Show and the upcoming Suburban Family Time, said of the role, It's a dream come true - the Simpsons is my absolute favorite show. As you can see from my shows, they are just poor imitations of The Simpsons' brand of wacky humor, panda rape gags and jockey elves.

Could Peter Griffin be appearing at Moe's in an upcoming episode?
MacFarlane did not rule out the possibility of a crossover episode. Oh yeah, a crossover would be inevitable. We've had characters from American Dad popping up in Family Guy. I'm throwing around some ideas for Homer and Peter having a drinking contest at Moe's.

We'll keep you posted on any upcoming developments.

Cast of Glee to appear in The Simpsons

Simpsons News — Posted 08 Mar, 2010 by Scott

Three cast members of the hit Fox series Glee have confirmed they will be providing voices on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

Glee logo
Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Amber Riley all stated via their twitter accounts that they had recorded a guest spot on the show. They did not state if they will play themselves or original characters, or whether the other cast members will also be appearing.

There is also no word yet on the episode's theme, but you can bet it's going to be a musical episode.

Coca-Cola Superbowl ad in full

Simpsons News — Posted 09 Feb, 2010 by Scott

Here's the Simpsons-themed Coca-Cola ad that aired during the Superbowl. Called Hard Times, it sees Mr. Burns losing his wealth, but learning to appreciate life’s simple pleasures as he joins other characters enjoying Coke:

Coca-Cola to run Simpsons advert during Superbowl

Simpsons News — Posted 28 Jan, 2010 by Scott

Coca-Cola has partnered with Facebook to support the "Boys & Girls Clubs of America", and have commissioned a Coke advertisement featuring Simpsons characters! The synopsis, according to the press release:

"Hard Times” features a variety of characters from the television show The Simpsons, most notably greedy billionaire C. Montgomery Burns, who has fallen on difficult times. Just when all hope seems to be lost, Mr. Burns learns to appreciate life’s simple pleasures as he joins other characters enjoying Coca-Cola and Opening Happiness in a neighborhood park.

Mr. Burns in Superbowl commercial
The ad will air during Superbowl XLIV on February 7, but you can see a sneak peek by visiting the Coca-Cola "Live Positively" fan page on Facebook and sharing a virtual Coke with friends. Coca-Cola will also donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, so it's a good cause!

Upcoming episodes and a promo card

Simpsons News — Posted 25 Jan, 2010 by Scott

We have some new titles confirmed and a promotional picture featuring Coldplay:

Coldplay appear on The Simpsons
Middle-of-the-road indie band Coldplay star in a new episode

Upcoming episodes

Jan 31: Million Dollar Maybe
Homer wins a million dollars on the lottery, and hires Coldplay to play a concert for Bart.

Feb 14: Boy Meets Curl
Airing during the Winter Olympics! Homer and Marge form a mixed-doubles curling team with Principal Skinner and his mother, Agnes.

Feb 21: The Color Yellow
Lisa discovers that her Southern ancestors helped a slave escape to freedom and presents her family's story during Black History Month.

Season 20 DVD released, lacks special features

Simpsons News — Posted 16 Jan, 2010 by Scott

The Simpsons Season 20 was released this week (Jan 12th) on DVD and Blu-ray, to a highly critical reception by fans. Previous Simpsons DVDs have been loaded with special features, including commentary for every episode, deleted scenes and various promos. This set, however, features almost nothing and has only two stars on

Season 20 DVD box art
This DVD/Blu-ray set is very bare bones...
In addition to the 21 episodes (which are far from the best the show has done), is a "sneak peek" for the Simpsons documentary, The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special, In 3-D! On Ice! - except the documentary aired in full on Fox last Sunday.

There was also supposed to be an updated Simpsons character poster included, but we've seen loads of reports that the poster is not included. The final "special feature" is menus hand-drawn by Matt Groening himself. Unfortunately, they purely consist of a white line drawing doodle on a black background.

Season 20 DVD menuAnd that's it! Absolutely nothing else is on this set, yet is roughly the same price as the fuller DVD sets. Since a Season 13 complete set is also in the works (with commentary etc), it is very likely that in a few years they will release a proper Season 20 set with all the usual features. If you still need (un)convincing, Adam over at the Simpsons Channel has published a short article, Ten Reasons To NOT Buy This Set.

Simpsons documentary airs tomorrow

Simpsons News — Posted 09 Jan, 2010 by Scott

A special documentary, presented by Morgan Spurlock (of 'Super Size Me' fame), airs tomorrow (Sunday Jan 10th) as part of the Simpsons 20th Anniversary celebrations on Fox.

The programme, titled The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D! On Ice!, examines the cultural phenomenon that is The Simpsons. It will focus on the fans of the series rather than the show itself, and includes interviews with the most-Simpsons-tattooed man, a couple who had a Simpsons-themed wedding, and a man who grew real life ToMacco!!

It was originally scheduled to air on Jan 14th, which is the 20th anniversary of the official Season One premiere, Bart the Genius. However, it has been brought forward and will air after what Fox is calling the 450th episode, Once Upon a Time in Springfield. Though as usual, their counting is off and that accolade goes to last week's episode, Thursdays with Abie.

You can see an out-take from the documentary below...

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Vatican gives blessing to The Simpsons

Simpsons News — Posted 29 Dec, 2009 by Scott

Despite the many times that The Simpsons has mocked or satirized religion, it has earned an endorsement from the official Vatican newspaper on the occasion of the show's 20th anniversary, the Associated Press reported. In an article published on Tuesday in L'Osservatore Romano under the headline Aristotle's Virtues and Homer's Doughnut, the show was praised for its realistic and intelligent writing (and rapped on the knuckles for excessively crude language, the violence of certain episodes or some extreme choices by the scriptwriters).

Keep an eye on it.
Noting plots in which Homer Simpson has variously renounced his faith and mispronounced the name of Jesus, L'Osservatore Romano wrote that Homer nonetheless finds in God his last refuge and that the character's attitudes toward religion were a mirror of the indifference and the need that modern man feels toward faith.

Updated cast poster for Season 20 DVD

Simpsons News — Posted 17 Dec, 2009 by Scott have posted the updated Simpsons poster that will come with the Complete Twentieth Season DVD/Bluray. It is based on the classic poster that you may have seen with loads of Simpsons characters on it, up to Season 9. The new poster adds characters from later Seasons and The Simpsons Movie:

Not sure if this is finished - it's a bit lopsided! Click to enlarge.
New characters that can be found include Apu's eight children; Maude's ghost (even though Maude herself is still on the old part); Duffman; Declan Desmond; Gina from The Wandering Juvie; the irreplacable Señor Ding-Dong; and the angel skeleton from Lisa the Skeptic. How many can you name?

Site updates

The Simpsons HD Opening

Website Updates — Posted 14 Feb, 2009 by Scott

Tomorrow Fox will begin airing Simpsons episodes in HD and widescreen for the first time. Because of the switchover, a brand new opening credits has been animated! Fox has posted a video of it on YouTube, which you can see below.

The Simpsons in HD
Bart writes on the blackboard in the new High Definition opening sequence.

The sequence follows the same format as the old one, with some different characters appearing. Notable changes include Kearney and Jimbo sawing off the head of Jebediah Springfield, Grampa in the car with Marge and Maggie, and Homer getting HIT by Marge's car instead of being chased into the living room. He makes a cartoony outline on the garage wall.

Guide to new opening credits
Watch video

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Simpsons 'Word of the Day' gadget

Website Updates — Posted 29 Nov, 2008 by Scott

I've created a new iGoogle gadget! This one is based on our popular Simpsons Dictionary page. Each day it will display a random Simpsons-coined word along with its definition, and in many cases, and appropriate Simpsons quote.

You can add the gadget to your iGoogle page below, or check out our new widgets page to add it to your website!

Add to iGoogle

Simpsons 'Quote of the Day' gadget

Website Updates — Posted 25 Oct, 2008 by Scott

I've been hard at work today creating a Google Gadget. If you have a Google Account (e.g. a Gmail address) then you can customise Google's home page with news feeds and gadgets.

I saw that there were no great Simpsons gadgets so I created this - a Simpsons Quote of the Day gadget! It has over 150 classic one-liners from 25+ characters. And we intend to keep plugging away adding more quotations so you'll never see the same one twice!

Add to iGoogle

You can see the gadget at the bottom of every page on Simpson Crazy, and you can add it to your iGoogle by clicking the Google plus icon underneath it, or using the link above.

DVD guide updated

Website Updates — Posted 20 Oct, 2008 by Scott

The Season 11 DVD guide has been updated. It now features Groening's introduction, audio commentaries and a full list of Easter Eggs on the box set.

Simpsons DVD Season 11
Other DVD guides

The Simpsons Dictionary

Website Updates — Posted 14 Jul, 2008 by Scott

Long time no update (again). I've been travelling in the States for the past 10 weeks - 'twas a great trip!

While in Hollywood I took a trip to Universal Studios and experienced the new Simpsons Ride. If you haven't already been, I thouroughly recommend it. To experience it to its fullest, wait until the line is quite long (at least 40 minutes) and you can catch masses of original animation and classic clips while waiting in line!

More about that coming soon. Today though, we have a really cool content update. The Simpsons has coined many words and phrases that have entered mainstream consciousness. You may already be familiar with d'oh, yoink and embiggen, which are all perfectly cromulent words; but there are many more you may not remember, which we have compiled into a big dictionary.

The Simpsons Dictionary

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Censorship update

Website Updates — Posted 26 Mar, 2008 by Scott

Apologies for a lack of updates recently. Working a job and going to the pub seems to take up all of my time these days.

I am still working on the movie script and general site maintenance. I also updated Season 9 of our British censorship guide with a few cuts from Channel 4 in The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson that was on just now.

I noticed yesterday that a bunch of links in the new top menu were broken so I've fixed them I hope. If you come across any broken links, feel free to fire an email off to me - contact [at] simpsoncrazy [dot] com.

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The Simpsons and the Constitution

Website Updates — Posted 12 Dec, 2007 by Scott

We've got a brand new page for you! This one is a guide to the U.S. Constitution, Simpsons-style. It was written by Dave Hettel and was hosted elsewhere until Dave decided he didn't have time to maintain it, and generously donated it to us!

The Simpsons and the Constitution
Homer hides behind the Bill of Rights

Bone up on the Constitution

We also updated the Secret Sound contest. The previous sound, Milhouse saying "Suck it in!", was from the Season 15 episode Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Finally, we added our Christmas wallpapers to the wallpapers section. Spice up your computer with one of seven holiday-themed Simpsons wallpapers!

New contest

Website Updates — Posted 06 Nov, 2007 by Scott

Just a mini-update to say a new contest has started, following last week's bumper Halloween special. Six people got all five THOH segments correct!

Take a look at the answers to see if you got it right, and check the leaderboard from the main contest page, where you can of course enter the new Secret Sound.

Simpson Crazy? Don't mind if I do!

Website Updates — Posted 22 Oct, 2007 by Scott

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we'd put up a few decorations! Hope you like the new look.

Today we also celebrate the return of our regular "Secret Sound" contest! This week it's a bumper Halloween special with 5 clips from Halloween segments.

I've been busy behind the scenes improving the scoreboard script so it's easier for me to mark. Hopefully the contests will be updated more regularly than they used to be.

Play the contest

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“I thought you were dead!”

Website Updates — Posted 16 Oct, 2007 by Scott

“Well, dang blast it, isn't anybody on this dag gummed Internet dead?”

So... it's been a pretty long time since something happened on this web site. You may have noticed the hints in various posts about a redesign coming to this site. This has been in the works on and off (mostly off) for about three years! Now I've realised that this is gonna get done quicker if I implement it in stages.

Today begins the first phase of what I'm calling the "Simpson Crazy redevelopment". I've started a gradual switch from SHTML pages over to PHP pages, which will provide more flexibility behind the scenes.

I've also uploaded new content layouts for a few pages. These have been sitting on my computer for over a year and they fit into the current site's design so I added them in. Specifically, the main Image gallery page, wallpapers section and Simpsons Comics guide pages have been updated. If you click on a thumbnail you'll get a nice new image viewer where you don't have to leave the page!

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the return of our regular Simpsons contest very soon!