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First act of Season Premiere online!

Simpsons News — Posted 08 Sep, 2006 by Scott

We posted yesterday that IGN were to be offering the first act of the new Simpsons episode, The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and His Homer, to view online before the episode airs on Sunday.

Today it is online, not at IGN, but on the Simpsons MySpace site. The video shows the first few minutes of the episode, and also includes an animatic of another scene later in the episode.

Simpsons Sopranos parody
The promo image for The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and
His Homer
is a parody of The Sopranos cast photo

The site also offers the promo image above as a wallpaper. We have also added it to our promotional gallery here, alongside two more Season 18 promos that were added last month.

IGN's Simpsons Feature

Simpsons News — Posted 07 Sep, 2006 by Scott

This week in the run-up to the Season 18 Premiere, IGN is running a Simpsons Feature on their website, culminating with a first for the Simpsons - you will be able to watch the first seven minutes of the premiere episode, "The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and His Homer" before it airs this Sunday!! How cool is that?!

Metallica on The Simpsons
Metallica guest star in the Season 18 premiere

They started last Friday with an interview with Al Jean, in which he spills a few beans about upcoming episodes.

It continued on Tuesday with the Top 25 guest star appearances and on Wednesday they published a list of their Top 25 peripheral Simpsons characters.

The ordering in the guest stars list is hard to understand - for example Glenn Close's excellent appearance as Homer's mother was at the bottom - and there are notable guest stars absent, such as Michelle Pfeiffer as Mindy, Patrick Stewart as the Stonecutters' Number One, and Lawrence Tierney as Don Brodka. The winner is very deserving though. The characters list is put together more thoughtfully, with the likes of Ralph Wiggum, Barney Gumble and Comic Book Guy achieving high places.

McFarlane Simpsons Box Set Pics Released

Simpsons News — Posted 01 Sep, 2006 by Scott

The good people at McFarlane toys have announced and released the latest images of the upcoming Simpsons Box set they will be releasing; The Island of Dr. Hibbert. This amazing box set featuring the characters from the popular Treehouse of Horror episode is made of 3 parts which are connected by the middle camp fire. The set features Dr. Hibbert, Comic Book Guy, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in a side-splitting Simpsons-esque tableau -- the family has been turned into animals in this parody of The Island of Dr. Moreau. This item is due out in November and will be available in our store.

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New Simpsons Limited Art Announced

Simpsons News — Posted 01 Sep, 2006 by Scott

Hey art collectors, the people at 20th Centuiry have announced this brand new Limited Edition art piece to be released soon. This artwork features the part of the opening sequence when Bart rides his skateboard through town. The cool part about this artwork is the cel is 2-layer giving it an awesome 3D effect you cant see in the image above. This edition is limited to only 100 pieces and measures 33.5" x 10.5". Cost for this guy is around $1700. If you are interested we recommend you pre-order at Wonderful World of Animation. These will sell out.

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Simpsons win Emmy

Simpsons News — Posted 30 Aug, 2006 by Scott

The Simpsons episode The Seemingly Never-Ending Story won the Emmy for "Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour)". It beat competition from Family Guy, Camp Lazlo, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, and the controversial Scientology-mocking episode of South Park, Trapped in the Closet.

In his acceptance speech, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean joked: "This is what happens when you don't mock Scientology."

It is now the ninth Emmy the show has won. The wins are:
1990: Life On the Fast Lane
1991: Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
1995: Lisa's Wedding
1997: Homer's Phobia
1998: Trash of the Titans
2000: Behind the Laughter
2001: HOMЯ
2003: Three Gays of the Condo
2006: The Seemingly Never Ending Story

China Bans Simpsons From Prime-Time TV

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Aug, 2006 by Scott

China has banished Homer Simpson, Pokemon and Mickey Mouse from prime time. Beginning September 1, regulators have barred foreign cartoons from TV from 5 to 8 p.m. in an effort to protect China's struggling animation studios, news reports said Sunday. The move allows the Monkey King and his Chinese pals to get the top TV viewing hours to themselves.

The Simpsons visited China in Season 16's Goo Goo Gai Pan

Foreign cartoons, especially from Japan, are hugely popular with China's 250 million children and the country's own animation studios have struggled to compete. Communist leaders are said to be frustrated that so many cartoons are foreign-made, especially after efforts to build up Chinese animation studios.

The ban hasn't been formally announced, but newspapers already were criticizing it Sunday as the wrong way to improve programming.

Full Story: Washington Post

Gordon Ramsay to guest star

Simpsons News — Posted 10 Aug, 2006 by Scott

British TV chef Gordon Ramsay is taking on his biggest challenge yet - teaching Homer Simpson how to cook.

The fiery cook caught the attention of the producers of The Simpsons following the US version of his reality show Hell's Kitchen.

They now want him to show Homer what to do in the kitchen.

Gordon, renowned for his foul language, said: "I was really honoured.

"I don't know how they're going to do it, but I hope they keep the swearing in."

Season 18 information

Simpsons News — Posted 29 Jul, 2006 by Scott

I've created a page with all the information currently known about the upcoming Season 18, some of which is listed below. Continuing the trend from last year, some episodes will air in September before the baseball in October. Currently two are confirmed, but there may be a third. The Season will then continue in November with the Halloween episode.

The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and her Homer (HABF15)
Lisa befriends Fat Tony's son, Michael, who wishes to be a chef rather than a mobster. During a dinner party with the Simpsons, Fat Tony is shot and the mobsters want Michael to be the new kingpin. But when he declines, Homer takes over and leads the family on a major mob spree. Metallica are reported to be guest starring in this episode (though it seems they would fit better into the next episode below).
Airing September 10, as the Season Premiere.

Jazzy And The Pussycats (HABF18)
After Bart's arm is mangled by a tiger that Lisa rescued from the local pound, Bart organizes a benefit concert to raise money for an operation to repair his drumming arm. The White Stripes guest star.
Airing September 17.

Treehouse of Horror XVII (HABF17)
Fran Drescher will guest star as the voice of "Golem." Dr. Phil McGraw and comedian Richard Lewis also guest star.
Airing November 5.

G.I. (Annoyed Grunt) (HABF21)
After Bart gets out of a commitment to join the Army at 18, Homer falls prey to a couple of Army recruiters and lands himself in basic training. Homer, of course, treats this like summer camp and infuriates his hard-nosed colonel, voiced by Kiefer Sutherland when he is unfazed by the constant hazing and humiliation.
Airing November 12.

More Season 18 information

Clips from the Simpsons Movie!

Simpsons News — Posted 26 Jul, 2006 by Scott

During the annual Comic-Con Simpsons panel, creator/exec producer Matt Groening and fellow exec producers James L. Brooks and Al Jean thrilled the crowd with some first glimpses at the eagerly awaited The Simpsons Movie.

When asked about the process of expanding The Simpsons from a half-hour to 90 minutes, Brooks quipped, “It’s been rough. We worked at it for a long time and then found out that Snakes on a Plane was doing the same story.” Groening then introduced a couple of black & white animatics from the movie.

In the first piece, the good people of Springfield have formed an angry mob and are after Homer for some reason. When the mob manages to bust into the Simpsons home, Maggie has to fend off Krusty's pet chimp Mr. Teeny with a broken milk bottle.

In the second clip, Homer is driving a dog sled across a snowy terrain. His incessant whipping is avenged when he stops to set up camp and the dogs start ripping him to shreds. As the dogs are running away, Homer sighs and whines, "Oh, why does everything I whip leave me?"

You can download these clips by clicking below:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Lists update, new promo cards and new contest

Simpsons News — Posted 25 Jul, 2006 by Scott

Whew, it's been a long while since we did a content update. We've got major things in the works for Simpson Crazy, so don't worry, regular updates will resume by the end of the summer.

Today, I've updated the Secret Sound content. The previous sound - Homer saying, "Put this in your fife and smoke it" - was from the episode Lisa the Iconoclast.
Play the new contest

New promo cards are in the gallery, and I also updated the couch gags, blackboard gags, and newspaper headlines lists.
Promotional images
Springfield Shopper headlines list
Couch gags list
Blackboard gags list

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