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Simpsons News & Products

Blockos are Coming

Simpsons News — Posted 29 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Hey party people... the Simpsons are coming out in Blocko form soon and here's a quick preview. There will be 3 different packs, each with 3 characters. Above you see Homer, Marge and Lisa; Bart, Grandpa, Apu; Burns, Smithers, Carl. Each somes with accessories. We will try to carry these in our store as well and of course we'll keep you updated in their release.

B-Sharps... Bigger than Jesus?!

Simpsons News — Posted 27 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Recent rumors between collectors have been flying around that Wizard World may carry an exclusive sometime soon of the B-Sharps figures ( Homer, Barney, Apu and Skinner ). This is different than our recent report that the B-Sharps are going to be a Toys R Us exclusive 4-pack. Can there be two different packs with two different variants in clothing or design? For now it's unclear but we're excited either way and we'll keep all you collectors updated with the latest news.


Simpsons News — Posted 24 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Collectors have received some inside information from a retailer who will remain unnamed about more changes to the 2002 line-up from Playmates. Playmates has mentioned they would try to sell Main Street to the retailers again sometime and now it looks like it is on the list for Fall 2002. A Fourth Celebrity Assortment is also on paper, but no names were named. Finally, no 10 inch Figures are listed, raising suspicion that they may be cancelled.

Marge! Where's the Remote Control?!?!?

Simpsons News — Posted 24 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Ever lose your remote and spend hours trying to find it. Well my friends, you no longer have to go through that with this Homerific new product. The Homer Simpson Talking Remote Control Organizer. Just attach it to the arm of the couch or chair and it's an organizer for your remotes and TV magazines. We bought one for ourselves here and our trying to get some for the future store on this site, but right now our associates are selling theirs on EBay. Homer is about 1-1.5 feet tall in this and says 3 different phrases when you sqeeze his hand.

Updates in Upcoming Series...

Simpsons News — Posted 22 Nov, 2001 by Scott

The Simpsons World of Springfield Series 8 Interactive action figures by Playmates Toys include TBD Bart, Sherri & Terri 2-pack, Database, Kearney, Ripped Willie, and Superintendent Chalmers.

The Simpsons World of Springfield Series 9 Interactive action figures by Playmates Toys include Busted Krusty or Prison Sideshow Bob, Old Guy (maybe Crazy Old Man?), Disco Stu, Duffman, Herman (Gun Store Owner), and TBD.

The Simpsons World of Springfield Series 10 Interactive action figures by Playmates Toys include Rod & Todd Flanders 2-pack, Mother Skinner, Dr. Nick Riviera, Akira, TBD Homer, and TBD Mr. Burns.

Changes since last update include:

1)Duffman has moved up from Series 10 to Series 9 and Dr. Nick Riviera has moved back from Series 9 to Series 10.

2)Disco Stu has moved up from Series 10 to Series 9.

3)Rod & Todd Flanders 2-pack has moved back from Series 9 to Series 10.

4) Highschool Homer and Marge will not be in the Prom Set, not separate.

Got Road Rage?

Simpsons News — Posted 20 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Need to kill rising.. Rising! RISING! Ok, so maybe we here are the only ones that go crazy while driving but now the Simpsons have taken all that anger and excitement and put it into a video game. Now available for XBox and PS2 is the Simpsons Road Rage game. Do you have the need.. for uhm.. speed, oh yeah, that's another game. Anyways, all you game buffs, have fun with this one.

REM on The Simpsons

Simpsons News — Posted 19 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Hey all you REM fans, the second show of the 13th season features the music group REM. Homer is out on a mission to reclaim the good old fashion type of bar that Moe had before he went "classy." Just proves that The Simpsons always keeps bringing in big celebrity guests. We at SimpsonCrazy would love to see Playmates make figures of these special guests ( eg. The Who, Kid Rock, Smashing Pumpkins... ) sort of like music editions. What do you think?

And Then There was Color

Simpsons News — Posted 19 Nov, 2001 by Scott

It was a little more than 1-2 weeks ago that we brought you the pics of the clay protocols of the new Celebrity 2-pack and Celebrity 1 Cards. We now have the color versions of these and all of us that the color does bring these figures to life.

2nd DVD in May 2002

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Another Simpsons DVD release, this one with the show's second season, is expected in May, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

Series producer Al Jean tells the newspaper that Fox definitely will do more DVD sets.

No confirmation from Fox Home Video on a May release, but it sounds about right. According to Variety trade magazine, Fox wants to release a DVD set about once every six months.

Meanwhile, The Simpsons: The First Complete Season, has hit Billboard's top-10 list in DVD sales, and was No. 1 in DVD pre-orders on

MmMm.. Cookie Jar

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Nov, 2001 by Scott

Hey fellow collectors, a brand new TALKING cookie jar has just been released. This is the newest jar released here in the US ever since the 90's with the famous Bart and Homer Cookie Jar which range around $50-70 now. I found this one for $29.99 retail. We hope to carry it in our store even though we believe supplied are limited... but we'll try to get it to you guys. When you pop open Homer's cooking hat he says Doh! Great product and well done molding of Homer's face.

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