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Its a Simpsons Christmas

Simpsons News — Posted 16 Dec, 2001 by Scott

Lisa's faith is falling by the wayside? But what will she choose: Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism? Find out on an all-new Simpsons holiday special with guest star Richard Gere!

This is the series' fifth Christmas episode, the last new episode of 2001, and the first episode under the new reign of returning head executive producer Al Jean debuts tonight on FOX at 8 PM ET.

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SimpsonsMania Inkworks Cards Due Jan. 9th

Simpsons News — Posted 14 Dec, 2001 by Scott

Original artwork, autographs and blacklight cards are some of the great-sounding features of the second set of Simpsons trading cards due Jan. 9 from Inkworks.

This card series, dubbed "SimpsonsMania!," features a 72-card base set as well as "cool interactive subsets," according to a news release from Inkworks. Each pack contains seven cards and has a suggested retail price of $1.99. Look for display boxes with 36 packs to sell for $60 to $70.

While we haven't yet seen the Series II cards, the photos and descriptions from Inkworks offer hope they might be the best Simpsons trading cards ever produced.
-Collecting Simpsons! acquired by

Simpsons News — Posted 14 Dec, 2001 by Scott, one of the top Simpsons Exclusive Toy sellers was recently acquired by, which seems to be a eMall business. Whether or not the problems with the exclusives will stop or not based on the fact that the company is in the hands of new ownership is still unclear but Simpsons toy collectors are willing to give the NEW a try. Playmates has announced that it will send more exclusives through Wizard World, as well as Toys R Us, so collectors will have to wait till then to see how will handle the demand for the upcoming exclsuives.

First Look at Series 8 Environments

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Dec, 2001 by Scott

Just when you thought the day couldn't get any better, we bring you the first look at the Series 2 environments. Enjoy.

First Look at Series 8 Figures

Simpsons News — Posted 13 Dec, 2001 by Scott

Hey everyone, the first pics of the Series 8 Playmates World of Springfield Toys are out. The twins will of course come in a two pack like the past release of Itchy and Scratchy. we personally love the Ripped Willie in this set but all the figures look awesome.

"The Blunder Years"

Simpsons News — Posted 10 Dec, 2001 by Scott

December 9th's episode of The Simpsons marks the last episode of executive producer Mike Scully. Scully has been with the show for 4 years and critics agree that during those 4 years the show just has not been the same. Tonight's episode, ironically titled The Blunder Years is where a hypnotist unlocks a repressed memory in Homer, who recalls childhood times with Moe, Carl and Lenny — and his finding of a corpse. Paul Newman has a voice cameo.

MmMm... Free Promotional Card

Simpsons News — Posted 06 Dec, 2001 by Scott

One thing we have all been taught in life is that nothing is free, so when something comes along that IS free, you better get it while supplies last ( or before the EBays and scalpers find out ). Inworks, the producers of the latest line of Simpsons Collector card ( the ones who did the 10th Anniversary line ) are promoting the new line which is to be out January 9th. The promo card is number Pi and features alien Kang as "King Kang." It's available at no charge (with a limit of one per person) by writing to Inkworks with a self-addressed stamped envelope. A page on the Inkworks Web site has the address with specific instructions. The offer expires Jan. 31, 2002. No word if Inkworks plans further promo cards for this Simpsons set.

Series 2 was originally scheduled to arrive in stores early this month, but Inkworks moved that back to Jan. 9 at the last minute in a posting on the Inkworks site.

Continue to the rest of this article to find the details on the Series 2 set.

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News Report: Wall Street Journal

Simpsons News — Posted 06 Dec, 2001 by Scott

I know most of you Simpsons collectors out there don't read the Wall Street Journal but this may actually be of interest to you. A story about TOY EXCLUSIVES ( like the Simpson Exclusives )that retailers are requesting so many from manufacturers because without any competition they can charge higher prices, even doubling their profit margins or more. Exclusives now total 20% of sales at Toys "R" Us with an expected rise to 30% in 2002. Read the full story:
Part 1
Part 2

This is No Seinfield Episode

Simpsons News — Posted 02 Dec, 2001 by Scott

A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the voice of Gloria, a comely cop who catches the eye of Mr. Burns in this madcap romance. Thanks to a fortune cookie (written by Homer) that says he'll find true love on a particular day, Mr. Burns sets out for a night of "womanizing," much to Smithers' dismay. He eventually meets Gloria, who agrees to a date but ultimately finds the tycoon too old. Burns allays her fears by drafting Homer to testify to his youthful rowdiness. The courtship commences, assisted by Homer — and a vial of a "rare and powerful" physical stimulant. When Mr. Burns pops the question, a charmed Gloria accepts. But not everyone is happy for the couple.

Are We There Yet?

Simpsons News — Posted 30 Nov, 2001 by Scott

While some of us may be relaxing during this period of no new big World of Springfield (WoS) or Simpsons toy releases, others are curious as to when the next WoS series is coming out.
The New Force company says the new wave 7 figures and playsets will first leave the factory on 12/2. Other collectors reports that Toys ""R"" Us will receive them between 1/7 and 1/15. Other stores may receive them sooner but chances are none will show up before Christmas. This will be a longer waiting period between waves than the last three were. The Celebrity Series 1 will ship about 6 weeks later and the first Celebrity 2-pack about 2 weeks after that. The longer delay may be caused by Playmates' problems to produce the toys due to the series huge popularity. Questions and concerns on the series' production amount are still lingering and only rumors of increase or decrease in it are all we have now.

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